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The Fallen Legend: Michael Jackson

Posted by Aviation - June 28th, 2009

On June 25, 2009, we all lost a man who's touched millions all over the world with his music: Michael Jackson. While rehearsing for a sold-out, 50-day concert in London, Michael suddenly collapsed for reasons unknown, temporarily falling into a coma. Unfortunately, Michael wouldn't see the light of day, for he was succombed by cardiac arrest. As they pronounced his death, the world became silent.

I recently ran over one of the games he was involved in called Moonwalker, for the Sega Genesis and arcade. Both games have 16-bit renderings of just a few of Jackson's hit tracks. I immediately put my own on hold to reproduce at least one, to pay my respects to a great man. Expect to hear it soon.

P.S. I'm really pissed. >:( I tried to make a video about what he meant to me back in my youth, but my integrated mic is screwing me over...


We'll all miss him....the little boys won't, but we will.

It is sad, though. He was a great man with great music. R.I.P. Michael.....

I agree about the little boys thing, but not in the same sense. I feel that most of the younger people are too swept up by today's music to see what an impact MJ has had on the world. I'd choose "Stranger in Moscow" over "Stanky Leg" any day.

That reminds me of Sonic 3's ending....

Also, welcome back!

Modern hip-hop is dead to me. Most songs are retarded dances now anyway (WTF is a Ricky Bobby?)

Anyway, MJ was one of my greatest inspirations, its a shame he had to go so suddenly, just as he about to make a comeback.
My fave MJ song is "They Don't Care About Us"

And what the hell is a Stanky Leg? I'd like to know.

Yeah, we're gonna miss him. R.I.P Michael....

Also, Avi, updated my post with a Shippuden track. Check it out!

He also touched lotsa boys

He probably died of all those painkillers and treatment to make him white.And the surgeries!

Firstly, those charges were never proven. Second, you don't take pills to become white. He died of cardiac arrest that was most likely due to either botched medication, malpractice, or foul play.

C'mon, be nice.

Yo, looks like nothin changed here!